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Are you looking to buy ClickAdu accounts to promote your business? Then, you have hit the right place. We can provide you fully verified ClickAdu accounts at a very reasonable price. If you are interested, you can take a look at the details.

Details of Our ClickAdu Accounts

  • We offer a completely verified ClickAdu account.
  • It is fully activated and ready to use.
  • You can run campaigns instantly.
  • Both advertiser and publisher accounts are available.
  • The account comes with 200$ credit in it.
  • It supports in all countries.
  • The account is reloadable.
  • It comes with the verified billing address.
  • Recovery information has been added for maximum security.
  • The account has no previous transactional record.
  • It comes with Virtual Machine.
  • The payment method has already been added.
  • We have used a valid card to verify our account.
  • All the provided information in the account is real and valid.
  • A real and unique IP address was used to create the account.
  • We offer 2 days replacement guarantee.

Things You Will Receive              

  • The delivery will be sent to you via email.
  • You will be given 100% access to the account.
  • The login credentials of the ClickAdu account will be provided to you.
  • The recovery information will be given as well.
  • RDP (Virtual Machine) will be delivered to you.
  • You will be given a guide to run the account safely and create safe campaigns.
  • Lastly, you will receive our earnest customer support.

Buy Clickadu Ads Account

Clickadu is a moderately new ad network that permits the two advertisers and publishers to amplify their revenue through the most recent technology in web-based advertising.

By joining Clickadu, clients can hope to expand their traffic through a scope of ad formats and exploit day-by-day conversions on dynamic campaigns. Numerous publishers have already joined the network and profited from high eCPMs around the world.

Buy Clickadu Ads Account

The actual stage hosts an enormous assortment of ad formats, for example, pop-under, banner ads, push-up ads and that’s just the beginning. Clickadu offers mobile ads to advertisers just as various techniques for displaying these on mobile devices. The stage functions admirably with little sites and has decent fill rates, excellent CPMs, and a timely and solid installment plan. Technical support comes through email, Skype, and a tagging alternative that guides queries to the best office.

Ad Types:

For Desktop

  • Show Banners
  • Pop-unders
  • Direct Links
  • Video Banners

For Mobile

  • Show Banners
  • Tacky Footer
  • Pop-unders
  • Direct Links
  • Push-up Ads
  • Video Banners

Offer Types:

  • CPM (Cost per Mile)
  • Traffic Types
  • Work area, mobile, and tablets

Focusing on Options

  • Geographical location
  • Operating System
  • Operating System Version
  • Device types
  • Connection type
  • Mobile transporter


  • Browser language
  • Singular ad zones
  • Day separating

 Clickadu Ads Account

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Payment system

Publishers can get paid utilizing a wide scope of popular installment services. These incorporate ePayments, Epese, First Choice Pay, Paxum, PayPal, Payoneer, and Webmoney. This is in addition to a wire transfer and even Bitcoin.

Every system has its own prerequisites for the least payouts just as the expenses appended to each exchange. For Epese, Webmoney and Payoneer, no expenses are connected for any transfers, giving that publishers have acquired at least $50. Best option Pay is another without any charges at any rate payout of $50, in spite of the fact that users are mentioned to contact their supervisor to get a welcome to the stage and buy clickadu ads account at cheap price here.

EPayments has a similar least payout of $50 however doesn’t permit users in nations including Pakistan, Egypt, Ecuador, Nigeria, Vietnam, India, and Myanmar.

PayPal permits a client to pull out as meager as $10 however the service can charge 3-5% of any sum being loaded onto its foundation. Charges additionally apply to Paxum, which requests a fixed expense of $1 or €1 for each exchange arriving at least $50.

Wire Transfer

Wire transfers require the arrangement of a receipt and have considerably heftier charges – scaling up to a limit of $160 per transfer, with a base payout of $1000 inconsistent activity. In any case, exchanges of $5,000 or more are absolved from charges.

In conclusion, Bitcoin has the equivalent $50 least as a large number of different stages. It doesn’t charge an expense, yet users are advised to watch out for covers for most extreme withdrawals. These are 5k for a day, 10k every week, and 50k every month, despite the fact that conversing with a supervisor could permit these to rise.

Despite the technique, installments are sent consequently on a twice month to month plan for US dollars or Euros.

Buy Clickadu Ads Accounts


Support from Clickadu is headlined by a contribution of committed record chiefs, sponsored up by client care accessible every minute of every day.

Support is offered through Skype, email, and via phone, just as a tagging system that permits publishers to give data about their inquiry and communicate something specific over to the division best positioned to answer it.

One significant factor important is that the support group just arrangements with queries in English, according to the subtleties on its site.

Terms, Conditions, and Other Notes:

Terms and states of the Clickadu stage can be found on the Clickadu site and layout the prohibiting of misrepresentation and illegal exercises, the results of which are taken on by the party disregarding the principles, just as plotting a portion of its more exceptional specifications.

For site proprietors, the headlines are:

Clickadu has the privilege to utilize trade names or trademarks of any publishers on its foundation without earlier approval from their proprietors.

The forbidding of substance identifying with antivirus alarms, kids, radioactive components, the offer of human organs, illegal exploitation and cloning, brutality, just as the segregation of strict, political, public, or racial gatherings.

Advancement of products including weapons, tobacco, liquor, fake documents, and medications, just as that thought about illegal.

Programmed document downloads on sites are precluded. You can run campaigns instantly when you buy clickadu ads account.

Action that advances the controlling of website details, similar to clicks, is banned.

Sites that are banned on Google’s and Yandex’s adult safe browsing systems are not permitted.

All greeting pages should be closeable and can’t contain malware or different javascript cautions. Buy clickadu ads account at cheap price.

Various different conditions, including the full rundown of banned substances, products, and even sentences, can be found on the Clickadu site.

Buy Clickadu Ads

Referral Program

Users of Clickadu profit from a referral program that permits them to amplify their revenue by alluding new users to the stage. When you buy clickadu ads account that time you monetize your website.

To do this, they should either download an extraordinary referral banner for setting on their website or utilize a connection inside their own record to broadcast on informal communities, business cards, recordings, and even slideshows.

During the main month, an alluding party will get 10% of the new distributer’s revenue, going down to 7% following a subsequent month and 5% from that point. Everything profit can be found in the dashboard and Clickadu is severe on publishers alluding themselves, so game-playing isn’t advised. Best support buy clickadu ads account from us.

Last musings:

Clickadu is an extraordinary spot for advertisers and publishers to acquire traffic and revenue when going down the network course. Advertisers can expect great fill rates and albeit this stage is intended for setting up sites, it has a higher payout limit contrasted with other ad networks.

Clickadu likewise speaks to a strong contribution for publishers that need to begin on a steady stage. More modest sites aren’t constantly greeted wholeheartedly, however, Clickadu makes no mystery of having the option to cater for publishers that just draw in moderately low quantities of guests. When they’re ready, highlights like solid fill rates make for a very balanced and dependable recommendation.

User’s advantage considerably further from client support by means of email, Skype, via phone, and an online ticket system, leaving a lot of choices for the enquirer. So you find and buy verified clickadu ads account here.

The network isn’t without its drawbacks and a few users may want a lower least payout than the $50 applies no matter how you look at it. This, joined with low paces of CPM, may weigh intensely on the personalities of more modest sites that won’t see enormous revenue straight away.

All things considered, there are surely enough positives for any distributor to consider Clickadu when they settle on their next network to get together with.

Our cycle is straightforward:

AdSpyglass consequently chooses the most beneficial proposals from top ad networks and shows ads with the most noteworthy CPM on your websites.

AdSpyglass gives our publishers complete straightforwardness over the data we gather

We consequently switch your ad labels to the most beneficial offers so, buy clickadu ads account.

Buy Clickadu Ads Account

These make three enormous advantages for our users:

A pay increase in up to 100% consequently.

There is no compelling reason to change ad labels to answer on your website’s templates. You deal with every one of your ads, for example, network ads or your own ads straightforwardly through the AdSpyglass admin board. It assists with evading botches while you add your website templates and saves your time, significantly more so on the off chance that you have various sites.

You can see itemized insights from all stock clickadu ads networks in AdSpyglass reports considering granular investigation and the streamlining of campaigns from every one of your networks in one admin board.


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